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2018 Asian Road Race Championship Round 4

  • 10/09/2018

2018 Asian Road Race Championship Round 4 India Madras Motor Race Track

Taiga Hada goes up to the 3rd place finished in both races!

The Asian Road Race Championship (ARRC) Series Round 4 India held at approximately 2-months interval.

It is a good place for the team to get the best results for a home-round race.

This is a good course for Hada, who has been on the podium for both races last year.

It is the time to update the highest rank by course with the AP250 class Rajiv Seth and Anish Damodara Shetty.

Japan has been suffering from the hot weather, but the Indian round has also become a harsh heat.

The road surface temperature exceeded 60-degrees, and the course was rougher than last year, and it was expected to be a tough race physically.

It started riding on Friday in practice 1, and the first thing that went into the 2nd place was a good start, with the machine set steadily packed.

The feeling is well during the official qualifying session that took place on Saturday morning, and there was a time attack at the moment when the riders were just ahead of the target.

It seemed to be a pole position as it was, but it crashed in the last corner.

Fortunately, there were no injuries happened, and do immediately return to the pit and give a first aid and in the remaining 5-minutes return to the course.

It somehow secured the second row to mark the 6th time while the handlebar was bent.

In race 1, it has been rainy during the warm-up ride just before the start, but the race proceeded as it is.

The tire was all slick tires, but the signal was black out.

Hada, who started very well, was afraid of fear and went to the top.

Hada shows an aggressive ride, but the pace is not as fast as it seems, although Hada has emerged to the top and pulled the race.

It repeats the development which continues to succeed and it is pulled out many times and it draws back.

The Madras Motor Race Truck has a long straight and there are many corners that turn back while turning into a bent cone or braking.

Moreover, it is hot and the road surface is rough, and the rider’s strength is taken away.

Hada who stood at the top many times, but finished in the 3rd place after being racked down by the end of the race.

It kept the podium within.

It has been a harsh heat race in Race 2.

The adjustment from Race 1 to Race 2 was thought to take advantage of Race 2 ‘s experience in racing 1 without any particular.

Even in race 2, it shows an aggressive race in the place in which it is possible to go out ahead, but the top rider rides away, and the 2nd place competes with Zakwan and Koyama.

At the end of the race, Ito joined the team and competed for the 2nd place by 4-units.

It was Hada who was leading this group, but it was passed to Koyama who is senior to the final lap, and finished the goal in the 3rd place.

Both mental and physical strength showed up to the podium on both races in the tough Indian round.

Rajiv Seth of AP250 finished in 13th place which will be his best in Race 1.

Anish Damodara Shetty was retired in Race 1, but he finished in 19th place at Race 2.

A word from players;

Taiga Hada

It is the home round of the team, and it was good to be able to go up to the podium with 2-races at the honor of HONDA Motorcycle and Scooter India.

The machine has been able to set advance in a good flow from the first day, and fought in the finals in a good condition.

I would like to thank the team.

The compatibility is good, because in the 4 Races and Indian round has been able to achieve to be on the podium since last year with this.

So, the next Indonesian course is also a compatible course to feel of aiming to be on the podium.

Yusuke Teshima

This time, Hada shows to the podium that it is to be the home course of the team, including Kohei Ueda, president of Idemitsu Lube India, and Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India President Minoru Kato began, because more than 5000 visitors came, and also Rajiv left a better result in the Race.

The Team made the most of the appeal of the race, and it felt once again that it’s an important mission to grow more Indian riders and to be able to have a presence as a team.

Thank you so much for the continued support, especially this time.

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