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  • NEW
    • YAMAHA SR400
    • YAMAHA SR500
    posted May 24, 2018Good
    By Hor (2)FromMalaysia
    If you are looking for alternative length other than OEM you may give it a try,i have been using it for few months now,so far it works fine.The operation is smooth and the built quality is on a par wi...Read More
  • NEW
    • SUZUKI BANDIT250 (GSF250)
    • TRIUMPH Thruxton [Sraxton]
    • ...and more.
    I installed it in the SR 400 but there is considerable rectification effect. Especially on the highway it pretty much prevents the wind so Large is good for saving.On the cospar side it is about a qua...Read More
  • NEW
    • YAMAHA DT50
    • YAMAHA YSR50
    • YAMAHA DT80
    • ...and more.
    The MAJESTY 's Stem was getting caught, so I switched it using the Bearing race we just pulled out. Unlike the point contact of Ball, the contact surface is wide so it seems to be durable by Smoot...Read More
  • NEW
    • YAMAHA SR500C 1985 【Frame No. 】 1JN-216101 or later
    • YAMAHA SR400LTD 1984 【Frame No. 】 2H6-241101 or later
    • YAMAHA SR500 1999 【Frame No. 】 1JN-
    • YAMAHA SR500 1983 【Frame No. 】 2J2-200101 or later
    • YAMAHA SR500 1998 【Frame No. 】 1JN-
    • ...and more.
    DAYTONA COZY Seat [COMP] Long Headlight Low Roll เบาะ SR400 ตรงรุ่น งานคุณภาพจาก Daytona คลาสสิก โดนใจ นั่งสบาย ตอบโจทย์
    SR400 Seat Straight from Daytona Classic, comfortable seat.(translated by Goog...Read More
  • NEW
    • YAMAHA SR500 78-00
    • YAMAHA SR400 78-08
    I exchanged myself. If you have knowledge of Service manual and some tools, I think that you can easily exchange it. (If you replace the engine without lowering the engine, you do not need Oil replace...Read More
  • NEW
    • YAMAHA SR400 85-
    • YAMAHA SR500 85-
    Motorcycle Parts OverallWhy do you make Reduction in cost with a little thing?Overall it is very goodBolt included Stainless Nut Steel ironHow many yen Reduction in cost are you targeting for reason n...Read More
  • NEW
    • YAMAHA Majesty S 13-15
    • YAMAHA Majesty 250 (4HC) 95-00
    • YAMAHA Majesty 250 - SG 20 J 00-07
    • YAMAHA Bolt 14-15
    • ...and more.
    posted May 8, 2018增強馬力的利器
    增強點火COIL, 由原本每次點火燃燒1次數增强到3次, 同時電壓增强, 達到增强車輛動力效果。
    加上令電油可燃燒得更徹底, 減少電油虛耗。
    此外Plasma Direct 是直接取代原裝COIL。
    無需外接電線或火牛, 免除漏電風險。
    The enhanced ignition COIL is increased from 1 to 3 times per ignition, and t...Read More
  • NEW
    • YAMAHA SR400/SR500 [Conforming other information] Adaptive model code : 3GW7 / 3GW8 / 3GW9 / 3HT8 / 3HT9 / 3HTA / 3HTB / 3HTC / 3HTD / 3HTE / 3HTF / 3HTG / 3HTH / 3HTJ / 3HTK / 3HTM / 3HTP
    Although us 35th SR 400, in fact it did not like Seat's TwoTone.I found an OEM Black at the second hand shop, but Cowl attachment method was Nut and Screw reversed or could not be installed."...Read More
  • NEW
    • YAMAHA SR400 2016 【Frame No. 】 RH 03J-
    • YAMAHA SR400 2014 【Frame No. 】 RH 03J-
    • YAMAHA SR400 2010 【Frame No. 】 RH 03J-
    • YAMAHA SR400 2012 【Frame No. 】 RH 03J-
    • YAMAHA SR400 2013 【Frame No. 】 RH 03J-
    posted May 6, 2018I am satisfied.
    It is made by Y's Gear to FI Vehicles, but I purchased it to install Seat.However, I regretted it because I purchased Seat without knowing the existence of this part and Impression at first.I foun...Read More
  • NEW
    • HONDA SL230 97. 4 - MD 33 required number : One
    • HONDA XL600V TRANSALP 87 - PD 06 Required number : Two *
    • YAMAHA SRV250 /S/T 92. 4- 4 DN required number : Two
    • YAMAHA SEROW250 05. 4-08. 1 DG 11 J required number : One
    • YAMAHA DRAGSTAR250 00. 4-07 5KR1 / VG 02 J Required number : Two
    • ...and more.
    posted May 1, 2018Review
    By NO NAME (1)FromThailand
    หลังจากได้รับสินค้า ก็ศึกษาคู่มือที่แถมมาด้วยซึ่งดูแล้วเข้าใจได้ ใครอ่านไม่ออกก็สามารถติดตั้งได้ ตัวสายให้ความยาวมาสำหรับตัดให้พอดีกับรถของแต่ละรุ่น ตัวปลั๊กทำมาสำหรับขั้วหัวเทียนใหญ่ แต่ก็แถมตัวแปลงห...Read More
  • NEW
    • YAMAHA SR400LTD 1984 【Frame No. 】 2H6-241101 or later
    • YAMAHA SR400C 1985 【Frame No. 】 1JR-251101 or later
    • YAMAHA SR500 1978 【Frame No. 】 2J2-100101 or later
    • YAMAHA SR400SP 1979 【Frame No. 】 2H6-110101 or later
    • YAMAHA SR500 1994 【Frame No. 】 1JN-229101 to 231000
    • ...and more.
    This time it will be the second Tail lamp exchange. Although the construction of previous Parts was similar, although vibration packing was not made or the construction of Aluminum part was sloppy, DA...Read More
  • NEW
    • YAMAHA SR500
    • YAMAHA SR400
    Installation Instruction Manual was installed in detail while looking at the photographs attached with Net, but it was easy to attachAlthough I have not tried running yet, I am satisfied with the Orth...Read More
  • NEW
    • YAMAHA SR400、SR500
    posted Apr 28, 2018Poor quality mirror
    By NO NAME (1)FromUnited States
    I would not recommend these mirrors. Bye this to my Yamaha Wild Star 1600. The mirrors started to rust right away. Poor quality. Read More
  • NEW
    • HARLEY-DAVIDSON FXLR DYNA LOWRIDER [Daina Lowrider] American Type
    • HARLEY-DAVIDSON FXSTC SOFTAIL CUSTOM [Softail Custom] American Type
    • HARLEY-DAVIDSON FXSTD SOFTAIL DEUCE [Softel Deuce] -I American Type
    • HARLEY-DAVIDSON XL1200C [Sports star] custom American Type
    • ...and more.
    shape - Waterproof measures were satisfactory. In the Valve with attached ... There was a description of the item saying, but the attached Valve did not blink from the beginning. After switching to Va...Read More
  • NEW
    • YAMAHA SR400 2006 【Frame No. 】 RH 01J-
    • YAMAHA SR400 2005 【Frame No. 】 RH 01J-
    • YAMAHA SR400 2001 【Frame No. 】 RH 01J-
    • YAMAHA SR400 2002 【Frame No. 】 RH 01J-
    • YAMAHA SR400 2000 【Frame No. 】 1JR-
    • ...and more.
    posted Apr 23, 2018Not good - - -.
    Instruction Manual When installed, as the position where the Center Stand stops is stopped at a considerably lower place than at the time of OEM, the bank angle at Corner can not be earned. If you rev...Read More
  • NEW
    • YAMAHA SR400 1999 【Frame No. 】 1JR-
    • YAMAHA SR400 1988 【Frame No. 】 1JR-268101 to 275000
    • YAMAHA SR400 1994 【Frame No. 】 1 JR-301101 to 320000
    • KAWASAKI Z125 PRO[BR125H] 2016 【Frame No. 】 BR125H - A02621 or later
    • YAMAHA SR400 1998 【Frame No. 】 1JR-
    • ...and more.
    posted Apr 21, 2018Appearance satisfied
    Changing from tasty Rubber cap.Polish Why is it necessary to be careful, but the gloss different from PlatingMechanical feeling or feeling beauty as an industrial product.However, as per the Title, it...Read More
  • NEW
    • YAMAHA SR500 [Conforming other information] (Adaptive model code : 3HT5 / 3HT6 / 3HT7 / 3HT8 / 3HT9 / 3HTA / 3HTB / 3HTC / 3HTD / 3HTE / 3HTF / 3HTG / 3HTH / 3HTJ / 3HTK / 3HTL / 3HTM / 3HTN / 3HTP / 3HTR / 3HTS)
    • YAMAHA SR400
    By TEEPA (12)FromThailand
    I ordered a brown Beautiful SR Exclusive Tank Bag By: YAMAHA It design Looks very good with the My White YAMAHA SR400
    But velcro tape too small. And only install the end of the bag.
    When we ride th...Read More
  • NEW
    • YAMAHA MAXAM [Magzam] (Adaptive model code : 1B71 / 1B74 / 1B75)
    • YAMAHA DRAGSTAR400 [Drag star] (Adaptive model code : 35C2 / 4TR1 / 4TR2 / 4TR3 / 4TR4 / 4TR6 / 4TR8 / 5KP1 / 5KP2 / 5KP4 / 5KP7 / 5KP8 / 5KPB / 5KPC / 5KPE / 5KPH / 5KPK / 5KPL / 5KPM)
    • YAMAHA TMAX (adaptive model code : 15B7 / 5GJ4 / 5GJ8 / 5GJB / 5GJC / 5VU1 / 5VU3 / 5VU9 / 5VUD)
    • YAMAHA DRAGSTAR250 (Adaptive model code : 5KR1 / 5KR4 / 5KR7 / 5KRB / 5KRD / 5KRF / 5KRG / 5KRJ)
    • YAMAHA DRAGSTAR400 [Drag star] Classic (Adaptive model code : 35C1 / 35C3 / 4TR5 / 4TR7 / 4TR9 / 5KP3 / 5KP6 / 5KP9 / 5KPA / 5KPD / 5KPF / 5KPG / 5KPJ / 5KPN / 5KPP)
    • ...and more.
    By Eugenio (1)FromPoland
    Hi, as you all probably know fuel injected SR400 is equipped with "virago style" mirrors. Standard ones of course works but round ones better fits to classic SR style. Fitting is very easy so you sho...Read More
  • NEW
    • KAWASAKI KSR-I (All Years)
    • KAWASAKI KS-II (All Years)
    • KAWASAKI KSR-II (All Years)
    • KAWASAKI KSR110 (All Years)
    • KAWASAKI AR50 (All Years)
    • ...and more.
    ALCAN hands Black Rubber Grip Delta ปลอกแฮนด์สุดเท่ จากค่าย ALCAN ดีไซน์เรียบหรู โดนใจ จับถนัดมือ ทำความสะอาดง่าย
    ALCAN hand-held sleeves are designed to be easy to clean.(translated by Google Transl...Read More
  • NEW
    • YAMAHA SR500 85|88|92|94|96-97|99-00 for Front
    • YAMAHA SR400 85|88|96-97|99-00 for Front
    • HONDA NV400 83 for Front
    • HONDA CM400 79 for Front
    Grip good, I will screw up. It is ESTRELLAOEMTire patternMatch Retro on sr 400SlipSign is appearing at Center at less than 10,000 Km.I feel that it is good as a person to use for commuting if I have a...Read More
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