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K-FACTORY CSR Full Exhaust
PRICE: 713.21 USD

Color : Matte Black
Exhaust pipe diameter : Φ42.7mm
Tailpipe diameter : φ70mm
Volume : 94dB adjacent exhaust sound
Material : Steel
Weight : 6.2kg
Baffle replacement available (Inner diameter Φ 23 mm standard)
O2Sensor support
Center stand stopper included
Non-inspection - Competition model
  • HONDA  CB1100 10- 
r's gear Wyvern Single muffler Megaphone type
PRICE: 1,836.76 USD

Material : All Titanium
Weight : 3.9kg (STD : 10.8kg)
Maximum output : 95.8ps (STD : 80.1ps)
Maximum Torque : 9.8kg-m (STD : 9.1kg-m)
For inspection - Approved JMCA
New Year, 2010 compliance - Government certified products
Collection system : 4-2-1
Front pipe diameter : Φ42.7
Center pipe diameter : Φ42.7
Tailpipe diameter : Dia. 70.0
Silencer diameter : 85 Mm - dia. 125 (Megaphone type)
Gas emissions inspection table accessories (Inspection required at the time.)
  • HONDA  CB1100 
SP Tadao Pure sports PowerBox Muffler
PRICE: 605.74 USD

Material : Stainless source
PowerBox fitted
Government Certification
  • HONDA  CB1100 
YOSHIMURA Titanium Hand Bent Cyclone [RSC-DRAG]
PRICE: 1,739.06 USD

TT (Titanium cover)
Material : Titanium
Weight : 5.0kg (STD : 10.8kg)
Exhaust noise near : 93dB / 3750rpm
Driving noise acceleration : 81dB
Accessories : Exhaust gasket
[Oil replacement : ○ -
[Romeo Center stand installation : ○ -
Certification Number JMCA : 1001016
Automotive exhaust Gas test results certificate (Gas repo) : Yes
Compatible chassis : EBL-SC65
Engine type support : SC65E
  • HONDA  CB1100 10 
YOSHIMURA Straight Hand Bent Cyclone [RSC-VINTAGE]
PRICE: 1,055.16 USD

B (SteelCover)
Straight cyclone
Weight : 8.1kg (STD : 10.8kg)
  • HONDA  CB1100 10 
Moto Gear CB 1100 hand bending Full titaniumMegaphoneSlip - on
PRICE: 646.81 USD

Burnt color : Of the cylinder end (Titanium silencer only)
Replaceable Oil, replaceable Element
Total system weight : 2.2kg (STD5kg)
Exhaust noise near : 89db (87 Db STD is)
  • HONDA  CB1100 
OVER Full Titanium 4-1 Full Exhaust Muffler
PRICE: 1,758.6 USD

Layout : 4-1
Exhaust pipe material : Titanium Φ38
Tail pipe material: titanium Φ60.5
Silencer material: titanium Φ113 X 450mm
Volume: 93dB (close) / 77dB (accelerated)
Weight: 5.2kg (standard 10.9kg)
Government certified muffler
It corresponds to the volume regulations in 2010 (for model type: EBL-SC66)
Standard step: ○
Standard swing arm : ○
OVER Step : ○
Drain bolt : ○
Tandem: ○
Oil filter: ○
Center stand : ○
* Center stand stopper is included.
  • HONDA  CB1100 
YAMAMOTO SPEC - A SUS Slip - on Megaphone muffler
PRICE: 830.45 USD
JMCA qualification authentication system, compliant product (with authentication Plate)
Exhaust pipe material : Stainless source
Stock Silencer : Stainless Su Megaphone
Volume : 88dB
Weight : 2.5kg (Standard : 5.3kg)
Megaphone silencer private Emblem
Certified JMCA
Authentication system compliant (with authentication Plate)
Tandem : ○
Drain : ○
Element : ○
Center stand : ○
  • HONDA  CB1100 10 
r's gear Wyvern Classic four out Muffler
PRICE: 2,422.96 USD

EXPipe material : SteelXChromeplating
Stock Silencer : Stainless sous x Buff
Weight : 16.8kg (STD : 10.8kg)
Maximum output : 90.8ps (STD : 77.2ps)
Maximum Torque : 9.4kg-m (STD : 9.0kg-m)
For inspection - Approved JMCA - Government certified products
Collection system : Four out (The #2#3 Bypass.)
OIL exchange - Filter replacement available
Can not be used with Center stand (Remove)
When replacing the rear tire # 2 - Remove the #3Silencer.
Special Side stands included.
  • HONDA  CB1100 
MORIWAKI Dual Megaphone Exhaust Black Stainless Steel
PRICE: 1,455.73 USD

Government authentication system Muffler (For inspection)
Special Side stands included.
Pipe material : STAINLESS STEEL
Stock Silencer : STAINLESS STEEL
Noise close : 93dB
Acceleration noise : 82dB
Product weight : 9.7kg
Oil drain BOL : ○
Oil filter : ○
Center stand : X
  • HONDA  CB1100 10- 
  • HONDA  CB1100 EX 10- 
MORIWAKI ONE-PIECE Full Exhaust System Black Stainless Steel
PRICE: 957.46 USD

Color : Black
Stainless source
Noise close : 90dB
Acceleration noise : 73dB
[DrainBottle Oil : ○ -
[Oil filter : ○ -
[Center stand : ○ -
Weight : 7.3kg(Standard : 10.5kg)
  • HONDA  CB1100 10- 
KITACO Muffler joint gasket 1 / pkg

Type : JPH-3
Enter the number of : 1
Honda equivalent OEM part No. : 18392-MG7-750
Size : 48.3 Mm diameter x 43.0 x 20.5 mm
  • HONDA  VTR1000 F SC36 all types units x 3 usages ( front left/right silencer 2 / 2-シリンダーエキパイ 1, ) 
  • HONDA  CB1100 SC65 all types units x 1 parts (exhaust pipe set, one place behind) 
SP Tadao Pure sports PowerBox Muffler TWO tails
PRICE: 975.05 USD

Stock Silencer : Ultra light Stainless Su
Volume : 92dB
  • HONDA  CB1100 
K-FACTORY 3D Titanium Exhaust QUATTRO Starting Silver Type Silencer Full Exhaust
PRICE: 1,660.9 USD
Full exhaust
Standard Type
* Please select your desired specifications below.
* Delivery will be made to order so your time is gotten about 1 month.
* Cancellation of orders, returns and exchanges are not possible. Please note.
  • HONDA  CB1100 F 
SP Tadao Pure sports PowerBox Muffler Megaphone
PRICE: 681.95 USD

Stock Silencer : Ultra light Stainless Su
Volume : 92dB
  • HONDA  CB1100 
Techserfu ZEEX (Zeke Su) Slip - on muffler
PRICE: 664.36 USD

Stock Silencer : Titanium polished at 100 x 400 mm Straight L end
Volume : 90 dB (the Inner baffle is mounted ) / 98 dB (non-fitted Inner baffle )
Drain Replacement : ○
Filter replacement : ○
Tandem step : ○
Install a Center stand Center stand stopper included.
  • HONDA  CB1100 (SC65) 

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